Firewall rule review

Effectively managing your firewall rules is a must for enterprises to have a robust network security infrastructure. Tracking and monitoring firewall rules plays an important role in firewall policy management. However, given that there are numerous rules changes that are triggered by multiple security administrators, it becomes a hassle to keep track of all the changes between different rule configurations.

Firewall Analyzer is a firewall rule review tool that tracks rule performance, monitors rule changes, and suggests optimal rule position. The following functions help in efficient firewall policy management.

Firewall rule comparison

Firewall Analyzer fetches and tracks firewall rule changes made in your firewall. This can help a security admin keep a close eye on all the changes made to the firewall rule configuration. This means if the latest configuration has a rule vulnerability, security administrators can easily identify what was changed, and roll it back.

Firewall rule review - Firewall Analyzer

Firewall Analyzer lets you compare configuration changes between

  1. Two configuration files, which can be manually uploaded.
  2. A specific configuration file (taken manually) and the latest configuration.
  3. Specific configuration versions fetched directly by Firewall Analyzer.

Security administrators can also clearly identify the rules that have been added (green), edited (blue), or deleted (red).

Firewall rule review - Firewall Analyzer

Apart from the firewall rule comparison report, Firewall Analyzer also provides the following reports to help with reviewing firewall rules and optimizing firewall performance.

  1. Firewall policy overview: Provides visibility on the entire rule set in your firewall.
  2. Firewall policy optimization: Identifies rule anomalies that negatively impact the firewall performance.
  3. Firewall rule reorder recommendations: Suggests optimal rule position by correlating the number of rule hits with rule complexity and anomalies.
  4. Firewall rule cleanup: Identifies outdated or unused rules, which can be a potential threat to your network security.
  5. Firewall rule impact analysis: Helps you perform in-depth impact analysis for a proposed new rule, allowing you to determine if the new rule is going to impact the existing rule set negatively.

Firewall Analyzer is firewall rule management software that helps in getting the best out of your network security infrastructure. Download a free trial of Firewall Analyzer now, and get your firewall rules in order.

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