Firewall rule expiration notification

As a rule management best practice, most security administrators set expiration dates for their firewall rules. After expiring, firewall rules need to be rectified to be activated again. However, as most organizations have hundreds of rules and multiple security admins working on these rules, it becomes nearly impossible to review the expired rules and rectify them manually. This is why having a tool that can automatically identify expired rules and notify security admins when the rules expire is essential.

Firewall Analyzer is firewall policy management software that helps fetch, track, and manage firewall rules. Firewall Analyzer's Expiry Notification feature can help security admins track the status of firewall rules and get notified on which rules have expired. This smart firewall rule expiration notification tool gives visibility on the following.

1. All scheduled rules

Lists all the firewall rules for which any kind of schedule has been set.


2. Active rules

Enumerates all the active firewall rules for which a schedule has been set. Security admins can also track specific active rules and get notified the moment an active rule expires.

3. Upcoming rules

Catalogs all the rules that are scheduled to turn active in the future.

4. Expired rules

Records all the rules that have expired.

5. Recurring rules

Lists all the rules that are reactivated and certified on a regular basis.

All the above given reports can be scheduled on a periodic basis and can be sent via email.

Apart from firewall rule expiration reports, Firewall Analyzer also provides the following reports to help with reviewing firewall rules and optimizing firewall performance:

  1. Firewall policy overview: Provides visibility on the entire rule set in your firewall.
  2. Firewall policy optimization: Identifies rule anomalies that negatively impact firewall performance.
  3. Firewall rule reorder recommendations: Suggests optimal rule position by correlating the number of rule hits with rule complexity and anomalies.
  4. Firewall rule cleanup: Identifies outdated or unused rules, which can be a potential threat to your network security.
  5. Firewall rule impact analysis: Helps you perform in-depth impact analysis for a proposed new rule, allowing you to determine if the new rule is going to impact the existing rule set negatively.
  6. Firewall rule comparison: Tracks firewall rule changes made in your firewall.

Firewall Analyzer is firewall rule management software that helps you get the best out of your network security infrastructure. Download a free trial of Firewall Analyzer now, and get your firewall rules in order.

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