Firewall Analyzer for Juniper

With Firewall Analyzer's reporting capability for Juniper devices, you can now collect, analyze Juniper device logs and generate security and forensic reports at ease.

Log Forensics

Firewall Analyzer enables you to search raw logs to understand and trace errors in case of a security lapse. In addition, the advanced search, based on raw firewall logs, can be converted into report profiles. The simple search and advanced search are quite useful in identifying the miscreants through forensic analysis. Archived logs can be imported and security incident mining can be done on the raw logs.

Log Analysis

Firewall Policy Management

Firewall Policy Optimization

Firewall policy anomaly reporting captures and rectifies anomalies in firewall policies tuned in Juniper devices and thereby secures the network from external IT attacks. These reports help you optimize not only the policies and plug in the security holes but also the performance of your firewalls. The less complex you can make the rule set, the faster traffic will be evaluated by the system and the easier it will be for network engineers to manage access on a day-to-day basis.

Network Bandwidth Management and Monitoring

Monitor the Internet traffic in real-time through Near Live Reports. In addition, get granular reports on user-based and protocol-based bandwidth consumption, as well as identify which host is taking up more bandwidth, intranet and internet traffic usage and so on by logs generated from Juniper devices. More importantly, the Firewall traffic analyzer helps you establish 'eyes' throughout the company; this will help you catch the employees misusing the internet allotment and get notified on anomalies such as a sudden spike in the bandwidth usage among other things.

Near Real-time Bandwidth Monitoring

Change tracking Reports

Change tracking Reports

Monitor and track any changes on implementation details in SRX devices. Firewall Analyzer for Juniper devices offers an exhaustive set of compliance reports that help to address the security audit, configuration audit, and compliance audit requirements. The change tracker ensures that all the configurations and subsequent changes made in the devices are captured periodically, and are stored in the database.

The Change Manage report provides detailed information on various categories of reports such as: Running Configuration Changes Report, which provides information on differences between any two running configuration changes, and Startup

Configuration Changes Report, which helps track the changes between running (current) configuration and startup (default) configuration, and so on.

A single platter for comprehensive Network Security Device Management