Firewall Analyzer for pfSense

pfSense Firewall Log Analyzer

Gaining Internet activity insights and keeping abreast about security events is a challenging task as the security appliance generates a huge quantity of security and traffic logs. With a package of features, Firewall Analyzer's reporting capability for pfSense firewall appliance fit like a glove enabling you to strengthen the network security. Firewall Analyzer connects with the pfSense log server and lets you to collect, archive, analyze pfSense device logs and generate security and forensic reports. Firewall Analyzer(pfSense Log Analyzer) acts as a pfSense reporting tool, monitors pfSense logs and provides detailed pfSense log analysis.

Traffic & Bandwidth Management

Near Real-time Bandwidth Monitoring

Firewall Analyzer for pfSense provides you a unique way to monitor the Internet traffic of the network in near real-time. pfSense firewall traffic data is collected and analyzed to get granular details about the traffic across each firewall. There is no requirement for any probes or collection agents to get these details on the traffic.

Near Real-time Bandwidth Monitoring


Apart from exhaustive pfSense reports with respect to network security, Firewall Analyzer offers comprehensive alarms and their notifications.

Alarms can be generated for an anomalous security criteria, bandwidth values, and any normal criteria of security interest.

Alarms can be notified via email and SMS. It can trigger a script to achieve various threat mitigation activities. Alarms are also displayed in the UI screen.


pfSense supported versions

Company Devices Other Log
pfSense PfSense 2.2, 2.4 or higher

Why Choose Firewall Analyzer

Unlock the real value of your security devices

  • Supports an extensive array of perimeter security device logs which include firewalls, VPNs, IDS/IPS and proxy servers
  • Provides a wide range of reports for external threat monitoring, change management and regulatory compliance

Attractive TCO and rapid ROI

  • No additional hardware required, minimal entry cost and maintenance inclusive subscription model ensures a low TCO
  • Competitively priced. Quick deployment, instant results, reduced IT overhead ensures rapid ROI

Meet dynamic business needs quickly

  • Rapidly transforms perimeter security device logs into actionable information
  • Generates reports in user friendly formats like PDF and CSV formats

Productivity improvement for IT / MSSP

  • From product deployment to report generation in minutes!
  • Real-time alerts to security events enable IT to respond instantaneously to security threats
A single platter for comprehensive Network Security Device Management