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Configuring Agent settings

The following document will elaborate on the topics mentioned below. For more information on the various methods of agent installation refer to this page

Retry Agent Installation

Enabling this settings will automatically retry to install the agents, on the failed targets. If one of the target computer is not reachable, instead of manually retrying to install the agent, you can specify the number of times, the automatic retry should happen. You can also specify the maximum frequency for this to be repeated. The retry process will be performed based on the specified frequency for the specified number of days. Mail alerts can be configured to notify when the agent installation has succeeded on one or more computers. Follow the steps mentioned below to configure retry agent installation process:

  1. Navigate to Admin -> SoM Settings -> Retry Agent Installation.

  2. Enable the check box, to retry agent installation process.

  3. Specify the frequency and the number of days for the retry process to happen.

  4. Specify the email address to which the notifications need to be sent.

You have successfully configured the settings to retry agent installation on failed computers.

Uninstalling Agents

To uninstall the agents from the computers,

  1. Navigate to Admin -> Scope of Management -> Computers.

  2. Select the computer from list. 

  3. Click Uninstall Agent under Agent Actions.

You have successfully uninstalled agent in the selected computers.

Removing the Computers

To remove the computers from the list,

  1. Navigate to Admin -> Scope of Management -> Computers.

  2. Select the computer to be removed from the scope. 

  3. Make sure the Agent is uninstalled from the selected computer. 

  4. Click Remove Computer(s)

You have successfully removed the computer from scope.

Identifying the Live Status of the Agent

Endpoint Central updates the live status of computers periodically. This data is updated every ten minutes or while an on-demand operation is performed on a client computer. You can see the live status of the agents by navigating to Admin -> Scope Of Management -> Computers. The following status will be displayed:

    1. The computer icon will be green, if the Endpoint Central Agent is live.

    2. The computer icon will be red, if the agent is down. Endpoint Central agent can be down in the following scenarios:

      1. If the computer is not in the network

      2. If the computer is shutdown

      3. If the agent service has been stopped

      4. If the agent has been crashed

    3. The computer icon will be grey, if the agent is not installed on it. These computers are present under Scope Of Management (SoM) because they were added to the Active Directory but are not managed by Endpoint Central.