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Viewing Patch Reports

A complete summary of the patching activity is essential, as it offers all the patch details to the IT administrator. These reports are especially useful to the Network Managers enabling them to identify the network vulnerabilities in the enterprise very easily.

Besides discovering the network vulnerabilities, Patch Management Reports is beneficial for the patch management audits that emphasize on Network Safety and information security. The reports can be generated in PDF and CSV file formats.

The following reports help you to check your network vulnerability:

  1. Patch Reports
  2. System Reports
  3. Self Service Portal(SSP) Reports

Patch Reports

The Patch Reports provides you with detailed information about the vulnerable systems in your network and the patch details to fix the vulnerability. The following reports can be generated under the Patch Reports:

  1. Applicable Patches: This report displays the list of patches that affects the applications/systems in your network. The patch list also includes the patches that are already installed in your network.

  2. Supported Patches Report: The Supported Patches Report provides the details of all the patches released by the vendor websites irrespective of whether these patches have a relation to your network or not. The Supported Patches Report will be of absolute use when you plan to upgrade the systems in your network by installing the latest applications/ updates available for the application.

  3. Missing Patches Awaiting Approval: The Missing Patches Report will list down all missing patches that have been unapproved for deployment.

  4. Remote Office Patch Summary: The Remote Office Patch Summary gives an overview of the managed computers, highly vulnerable/vulnerable/healthy systems, applicable/missing/installed patches in the remote offices of the enterprise.

System Reports

The System Reports provides you a complete summary about the managed systems in the enterprise. The following reports can be generated under the System Reports:

  1. System Health Report: This report displays the health status and the number of missing OS and third-party patches in each system.

  2. System requiring reboot: This report will list down all the systems in which reboot has to be scheduled.

  3. System Compliance Report: This report will list down the compliant status of all the systems in the enterprise.

  4. Remote Office Compliance Graph: This report will list down the compliant status of all the systems in the remote offices managed by the enterprise.

Self Service Portal Reports

  1. Patches yet to be installed: This report will list down all the uninstalled patches in the end-user machines which was published in the Self Service Portal.

  2. Patch Deployment list: This report will list the configuration through which patches are published to the Self Service Portal.

  3. Detailed View: This report lists all the details of the patches which are published to the Self Service Portal.