Configuration Templates

Templates are predefined configurations that help in achieving a specific task. While you can perform any of these configurations by defining them on your own, templates helps to get things done faster. The following are advantages of Templates over the normal configurations:

  1. Helps to complete the configurations quickly.
  2. You do not need to know how to achieve a specific task; just need to select the target computers to apply the configuration.
  3. You does not have to explore all the supported configurations and then select to define.

Using Templates

To view the available templates, select the Admin tab and click the Templates link from the left. This will list all the templates provided by Desktop Central. You can also filter the view by selecting an appropriate category from the combo box. The Type column indicates whether the configuration is applied to Users or Computers. The templates are tagged as below:

To use the template, follow the steps below:

  1. Select Admin --> Templates to view the templates.
  2. Click the Template that has to be applied to view its details; click the Create from Template button to create the configuration. Clicking Create Configuration link will also do the same action. This opens the configuration with all the properties defined.
  3. Using  the Defining Targets procedure, define the targets for deploying the configuration.
  4. Click the Deploy button to deploy the defined Configuration in the targets defined. To save the configuration as draft, click Save as Draft.

Supported Templates

Desktop Central supports various templates that can be applied to Users/Computers. Follow the links below to view the details of the templates:


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