Mac Configurations

Administrators can now use Desktop Central to apply configurations to computers running Mac operating system. These configurations can be applied to users, or computers. This provides the privilege, where the administrator can determine to restrict or limit the user from accessing the services available on the managed computer. Restrictions can be applied on computers as well, so that administrators can ensure that the corporate data is secure. This document will explain you on the following:

How the Configurations gets Applied

Whenever a configuration is deployed using Desktop Central, it will be made available to the Desktop Central agents to apply the configurations in the client computers. The Desktop Central agents residing at the client computers will pull the configuration details from the Server and process them. The Desktop Central agents will contact the Server at the following intervals to pull the details:

  1. For user-specific configurations  - during user logon and every 90 minutes thereafter till the user logs out of the domain.

  2. For computer-specific configurations - during system startup and every 90 minutes thereafter till the system is shutdown.

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