How to integrate Endpoint Central with Analytics Plus?

This integration offers a gamut of options to visualize and analyze endpoint monitoring data including AI-powered report generation, rich visual analysis, powerful data blending, accurate trend forecasting, dynamic data analysis, real-time collaboration, and secure sharing options. Analytics Plus helps you derive meaningful insights from your endpoint data that can help you better manage and secure your endpoint devices.


  • You should be on Endpoint Central build 10.0.361 or above.
  • Endpoint Central should be accessible from the server on which Analytics Plus is running. You can check this by launching the Analytics Plus web console (using a web browser) from the Endpoint Central server. You don't have to worry about accessibility if you're running both applications on the same server.
  • Endpoint Central and Analytics Plus should be running in the same time zone.
  • The user account used to connect must have admin privileges in Endpoint Central.

Steps to integrate

Follow the below steps to integrate Endpoint Central and MangeEngine Analytics Plus

  • Download and install Analytics Plus.
  • In your Analytics Plus instance, click Import your data from the home screen, and select the ManageEngine Endpoint Central tile.
  • Click Next in the intro page.
  • The API key needs to be generated in Endpoint Central.
  • In your Endpoint Central server, click the Admin tab and select API Explorer under integrations.
  • In the API Explorer  tab, click Authentication from the left pane.
  • Select the Login option under the Authentication menu.
  • Select your authentication type from the drop down and provide the login credentials. Click Execute to generate the API key.
  • An auth token will be generated in the right pane. You may have to scroll down a bit to view it. Copy the auth token in a separate text file.
  • Go back to your Analytics Plus console. Paste the API Key and the Endpoint Central URL in the respective input fields. Endpoint Central URL is the web-address you use to access Endpoint Central. Click Authenticate Endpoint Central.
  • Choose the modules you wish to import and set up a synchronization interval. It is recommended to select all modules. Click Create to complete the set up.
  • A success message will be displayed. Click OK to view the out-of-the-box Endpoint Central analytics. Depending on the volume of data in Endpoint Central, it may take a few minutes to populate metrics in all the reports and dashboards.

You have successfully integrated Endpoint Central with Analytics Plus!