Configuring IP Printer


The IP Printer Configuration is for adding or deleting the IP Printer connection in the computers. For configuring a shared or IP printers in the computer for specific users, refer to the Configuring Shared Printer / Configuring IP Printer topics under User Configurations.

Step 1: Name the Configuration

Provide a name and description for the IP Printer configuration.

Step 2: Define Configuration

You can perform the following actions:

Add an IP Printer

To add an IP Printer, select the Action as Add and specify the following values:




The host name or IP address defined for the printer.

Printer Name

The display name for the printer.


The printing protocol supported by the printer. Select the printing protocol from the Protocol list box. The default option is "RAW".

Port Number

The port number/queue name in which printing protocol is communicating between the computer and printer. Enter the port number in the Port Number field if the "RAW" Protocol is selected or enter the queue name if the "LPR" Protocol is selected. The default value is 9100.

Port Name

This is an optional field. By default, the port name is IP_<IP_Address/DNS_Name>. You can change the port name if required.

Shared Printer for Driver Installation

Browse to select a shared printer for installing the driver. If the drivers are already installed in the target computers, the Desktop Central will skip the driver installation.

Connect Shared Network Printer using Credentials

To copy Driver Files across Domains or amongst Workgroup computers, you need to specify a credential that access domain/workgroup machine where the Shared Printer Driver Files are present.


Delete an IP Printer

To delete an IP Printer, select the Action as Delete and specify the following values:



Printer Name

The display name of the printer.

Delete all existing IP printer connections

To delete all the existing IP printer connections in the computer for the specified user, select this option.

Step 3: Define Target

Using  the Defining Targets procedure, define the targets for deploying the IP Printer Configuration.

Step 4: Deploy Configuration

Click the Deploy button to deploy the defined IP Printer Configuration in the targets defined. The configuration will take effect during the next user logon.

To save the configuration as draft, click Save as Draft.

See also : Managing Configurations and Collections, Viewing Configuration Reports, Defining Targets, Configuring Shared Printer
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