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Deployment via tasks

You can perform deployment by creating deployment tasks. Follow the steps given below to add deployment tasks,

Steps to create deployment tasks:

Under Deployment, select Deployment Task.

Select Add Deployment Tasks

Adding deployment tasks

  1. Deployment Template
    • Specify a unique name for deployment task
    • Select the deployment template using which you have customized the image. You will be able to view the details of the deployment template now.
  2. Remote Office(s)
    • Ensure that the selected image in the template is successfully created in the remote office. If the remote office is not listed here, you should manually replicate the required image to the specific remote office.
  3. Deployment Mode
  4. You can deploy image either by generating passcode or by remotely waking up computer.

    • By generating passcode: You can generate a unique 4-digit code and enter this code in the target computer to deploy the image. Ensure that the target computer connects to the Distribution server. You can also view the authentication code, set for various deployment tasks in the deployment tasks view.
    • By remotely waking up computer: You can also remotely wake up computers and deploy image. Specify the computers MAC address, IP address and subnet mask details to remotely wake up computer and initiate deployment. 
  5. Deployment Settings
  6. Unicast Deployment method

    In unicast deployment method the Distribution server sends the image copy to each computer one by one. For example, you might have a new joiner in your organization and you want to give a new system to him with a specific OS, you can choose unicast deployment method. In this method, server will send the OS image to each target computer separately. This method is recommended for deployment upto 5 computers.

  7. Deployment waiting time
  8. Specify the time interval for the target computers to connect to the Distribution server. During this time interval, the server will wait for the target computers to connect and deployment will be initiated after this time interval.

    Note: Ensure that you set the required deployment waiting time, since the authentication passcode has to be entered within the specified time to initiate deployment. 

  9. Schedule Deployment
  10. You can schedule the time interval for deployment based on the feasible time in your organization. 

    Deployment task has been created successfully. Boot the computer using bootable media and initiate deployment. You can view the status of the deployment under the Deployment status tab.