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Configuring OS Deployment settings while creating a remote office

While creating a remote office, as you furnish the details of the Distribution Server, the next step is to define the OS deployment settings. Configure the following OS Deployer settings to deploy OSs on computers in remote offices.

  1. Install OS deployment components - It is mandatory to have this option enabled to deploy OS in remote office computers, as this will automatically have the OS deployment component installed in the Distribution Server associated with the created remote office.
  2. Exclude the following folders from antivirus scan in the machine where distribution server is installed, to avoid any issues in Endpoint Central functions caused by antivirus blocks.
    • DesktopCentral_DistributionServer - <OS Drive>\Program Files\\DesktopCentral_DistributionServer
    • ZohoCorp - <OS Drive>\Program Files(x86)\Zohocorp
    Refer this document to learn more about antivirus exclusions.
  3. Install Windows ADK tool in Distribution Server to create bootable media- Enable this option to create bootable media in the remote office.

You have now successfully created the remote office with distribution server and you have also configured the OS deployment settings. 

Note: If you have already created a remote office and managing it, you can modify the remote office and configure OS deployment settings.