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Viewing Computer Details

The Computers view provides the details of the computers and their operating systems.

To view the computers, select the Inventory tab and click the Computers link. It also provides a graphical representation of the computers by their operating systems. The table below provides the following details of the computers:

  • Computer Name: The DNS name of the computer
  • Operating system: The operating system of the computer
  • Service Pack: The service pack version of the operating system
  • Version: The operating system version.
  • Logged on users: The users who have logged on currently.
  • Last successful scan:The time at which last scan was carried out successfully

You can use the Column Chooser to select the columns to view.

When you click on a specific computer, the following details will be available :

  • Summary
  • System details
  • Hardware details
  • Software details
  • Certificates
  • File details
  • Security details
  • USB audit details