File Transfer

Desktop Central allows you to remotely access desktops and transfer files between them.The Remote Desktop Sharing mechanism supports remote login to any desktop in your network by any user account that has Remote Control privileges. Files can be transffered between computers via the Active-X Viewer only. Java viewer is not supported at the moment.

File Transfer - Advantages

  1. Files can be transferred between both the machines viz.,the one initiating the Remote Control Session and that which is getting connected with.
  2. Ability to transfer files across domains and workgroup machines.
  3. The entire process is Fast, Reliable, and Secure.

File Transfer Ports

The following are the list of ports that need to opened in the Desktop Central Server to enable File Transfer:

For Secure Mode:

For Non Secure Mode

The default mode is Secure mode. However to select non-secure mode, click on the Edit Settings link in the Remote Control page and simply uncheck the "Use Secure Connection" checkbox under the Port Settings of Remote Control Settings page.

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