Configuring Browser Settings

You can choose to configure browser settings for computers using Desktop Central. Securing browsers is one of the essential ways of securing corporate data. Desktop Central supports the following browsers on Windows operating system:

Securing Web Browsers

Web browsers are undoubtedly the most common portal used by end users for accessing the internet. Browsers are installed on almost all the computers and are used quite frequently. In addition to this, web browsers that come in a default setting with an operating system will not be in a secure set up. Hence, browsers need to be secured. Browser security needs to be hardened if you do not wish to let the intruders take control over your system.

Choose the default browser and configure the following settings :

General settings

General Settings


Proxy Settings


Your browser history is indicative of where you go on the internet and for what purpose, which is quite intrusive. While cookies are another potential source of vulnerability attacks, disabling them is one of the best solutions.

Impose Edge-specific restrictions and firefox-specific restrictions such as disabling AutoUpdates for turning off prompts that are nagging.

Impose restrictions

Security settings

Security Settings

Advanced settings