Configuring Browser Settings

You can choose to configure browser settings for computers using Desktop Central. Securing the browsers is one of the essential ways to secure corporate data. Desktop Central supports the following browsers on Windows operating system:

Securing Web Browsers

Most of the business in the recent days works on internet, which means via a web browser. Securing web browsers is most critical business need. Web browsers will not be configured with high security by default. You will have customize the security level based on the business requirement. If a web browser is not secured, then it may lead to the following:

So, securing web browsers is a significant part of IT administration. This challenge is easily addressed using Desktop Central. You can choose to configure one or more browsers and determine which browser should be set as default. You can also specify the default search engine, home page and download directory. You can click the icon to select and assign a dynamic variable to assign download directory. You can choose  to add multiple web pages and set it as default home page. Users will not have the need to manually open the web pages every time they launch a browser. You can also configure proxy for the browsers. Proxy can be configured manually or by using "Automatic Configuration Script".  When Proxy is configured for all communication using browsers, you can still choose to exclude web pages, which will be exempted from proxy and will establish connection directly.

To secure browsers you will have to configure the following:

You can create a browser configuration by clicking on Configuration tab on the Desktop Central web console and navigating to Configurations ->Browser Settings ->User. Create a configuration, specify the settings and apply it to the desired target computers. You have successfully created a configuration to deploy browser settings.


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