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Configuring WiFi

Configuring WiFi profiles for all the managed windows devices in the network is made easy using Endpoint Central. You can now create, modify or delete WiFi configurations. Our product supports WiFi configurations only for computers running Windows Vista or later version.  You can choose to remove all the existing WiFi profiles and create/apply newly created WiFi profiles. You need to ensure that the WiFi adapter is enabled on all the target computers for deploying a WiFi profile. You can turn on the WiFi adapter while creating a new WiFi profile. You can navigate to WiFi configuration by clicking on Configurations from the web console and choose to create/modify or delete WiFi configurations.

Multiple Profiles can be added in a single configuration, which could include delete/modify and create WiFi profiles. Profiles within a configuration will be applied as per the sequence it is specified. If you have chosen to delete all configurations first, then all the existing WiFi profiles will be removed from the computer and then the second profile will be added.

Creating WiFi Profiles

You can create one or more WiFi profiles for the target computer. You can choose to remove all the existing WiFi profiles before deploying the newly created profiles. You will have to follow the steps mentioned below to create a WiFi profile.  There are 2 ways to create a WiFi profile, they are :

Creating a New profile:

You will have to provide the following details

      • Profile Name : Name for the WiFi configuration
      • Security Type : No Authentication / WEP / WEPA2 Personal / WPA Personal / WPA2 Enterprise / WPA Enterprise / 802.1x
      • Encryption Type : Specify the encryption type as required
      • If you have chosen the security type as 802.1x, this is considered to be more secure than WPA and WEPA2 Personal.
      • You can also choose to connect the  WiFi that you have configured automatically
      • Establish connection even if the network is not broadcasting
      • Choose to overwrite if any existing profiles exists with the same name

Importing from an Existing Profile

You can choose to import an existing WiFi profile and deploy the same to the target computers. WiFi profile should be located and uploaded in the product server. Endpoint Central currently supports WiFi profiles only in xml format.

Modifying the WiFi Profiles

You can choose to modify the existing WiFi profiles by creating a new profile with the required modifications. When a profile is created with a name which already exists on the target computer, then the previous profile will be modified, however the changes will apply only to the computers to which the configuration is applied. Modifying WiFi profiles will not work, if the network adopter is disabled on the device.

Deleting WiFi Profiles

You can choose to delete one or all the WiFi profiles that exists on the target computer. It is always recommended to use Delete All option only as the first profile in the configuration. When Delete All profile is applied, all the existing WiFi profiles applied for the users, will be removed from the target computer and the newly added profiles will be applied. You can choose to delete a specific profile by specifying the name of the profile which needs to be deleted.