Redirecting User-Specific Folders


The Folder Redirection configuration helps you to change the location of the standard user profile directories to a different location in the network. So, when the user login from a different machine in the same domain, he/she will have access to his/her profiles.

Step 1: Name the Configuration

Provide a name and description for the Folder Redirection configuration.

Step 2: Define Configuration

You can perform the following actions:

Select the required options and specify the values for the following fields that require change in settings. For each of the fields in the following table, click the Browse button next to the corresponding field to launch Network Browser window. Select the folder location and click OK button.  If this field is left blank, the corresponding folder settings is left unchanged.

The following table provides a brief description about the user-specific folders that can be redirected using Desktop Central.

User-specific Folder Description
Start Menu* Contains the shortcuts that appear in the start menu.
Programs Menu* Contains the shortcuts that appear in the Programs group of the start menu.
Startup Group* Contains the shortcuts that appear in Start --> Programs --> Startup menu. This specifies the applications that should be started during the user logon.
Desktop* Contains the shortcuts and files that appear in the user's desktop.
Favorites [IE Bookmarks]* Contains the Internet Explorer bookmarks.
Personal [My Documents]* Contains the personal documents of that user.
My Pictures* Contains the personal pictures and images of that user.
Cookies* Contains the cookies used by the Web sites/applications.
History* Contains the bookmarks of the previously accessed sites.
Recent* Contains the shortcuts of the recently accessed documents.
Temporary Internet Files* The temporary Internet files are cached by Internet Explorer in this folder.
Send To* Contains the shortcuts listed in the Send To sub-menu. The Send To sub-menu is displayed in the right-click menu of a file.
Exclude Folders This option is available only when you choose to copy the existing contents. Specify the folders as comma separated that should not be copied.
Don't copy temporary internet files This option is available only when you choose to copy the existing contents. Select this option if you do not wish to copy the temporary internet files.

* - Click the icon to select and assign a dynamic variable to this parameter.

Step 3: Define Target

Using  the Defining Targets procedure, define the targets for deploying the Folder Redirection configuration.

Step 4: Deploy Configuration

Click the Deploy button to deploy the defined Folder Redirection Configuration in the targets defined. The configuration will take effect during the next user logon.

To save the configuration as draft, click Save as Draft.

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