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Event Trend


Event Log Trend Report

Trend reports in EventLog Analyzer let you analyze the performance of hosts over a period of time. Trend monitoring helps in predicting usage and performance of Windows and UNIX hosts and the Cisco Switches and Routers on your network. The trend reports in EventLog Analyzer show events generated across hosts, based on event severity and event type.

Event Severity Trends

Event Severity Trend

This report shows the trends for events generated in each host group. Event severity trends are useful in identifying the frequency of system breakdowns, and the performance of devices during peak times.

Event Category Trends

Event Category Trend

This report shows the trends in events generated across each event type. Application, System, and Security events are profiled in this report. Event category trends help in quickly identifying the root cause of a system problem - whether it was caused by the application,or the system itself.

Alerts Trend

Event Alerts Trend

This report shows the trends in alerts triggered by the EventLog Analyzer server for various events generated across the network. This depends on the alerts currently configured.