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Network admins struggle with the pressure of "never enough" when managing their bandwidth for business critical applications. Without enough visibility and control over IT infrastructures, admins face several daunting questions: What is the bandwidth being used for? What's my network's actual capacity for optimal performance?

Industry bandwidth management solutions monitor and manage these resources by ensuring network availability. However, is deploying a real-time bandwidth management software and managing the network as easy as it sounds? For example, some bandwidth management softwares lack alignments in expectations, technical support, flexibility and scalability capabilities, etc.

NetFlow bandwidth management capabilities for today's complex IT

Comprehensive bandwidth monitoring

Network monitoring can be emphasized under a simple principle: If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. NetFlow Analyzer's bandwidth monitoring tool allows you to get complete visibility of your network endpoint's traffic, without blind spots, and help manage your dynamic IT landscape. You can find the real-time bandwidth utilized by every application, IP address, interface, and devices like servers, firewalls, routers, switches, and access points.

Traffic summary dashboard
Security module

Advanced traffic anomaly detection

NetFlow Analyzer's Security module (add-on) uses a continuous stream mining engine technology to correlate events and alert when the predefined algorithm is met. Attacks, such as DDoS, starts with hogging the network by sending junk traffic from a suspicious IP address. Since NetFlow Analyzer is a unified bandwidth management tool that specializes in detecting behavior of the traffic pattern, any zero-day intrusions that don't fit under the known categories of attacks can also be identified.

Logical grouping based on endpoints

Bandwidth management is easier with a summary or at-a-glance profiling of endpoint traffic. You can group nodes like IP addresses, applications, interfaces, access points, SSIDs, and more. Combine every site, department, or branch and assess if the allocation adds value to the business, or limit their usage.

Netflow analyzer groups
Qos traffic by classes

Enhanced bandwidth controlling with QoS

Applications like social media and high-quality video streaming services are latency-sensitive, bandwidth-hogging, and media-rich in nature. These three qualities can ruin the performance of other business-critical applications. QoS monitoring with our bandwidth management tool allows you to tackle these issues by letting you define which applications should get prioritized, and help you reduce performance degradation issues such as latency, packet loss, jitter, and more. You can also evaluate the effectiveness of the applied policies, and manage and analyze bandwidth utilization with CBQoS graphs.

Proactive application traffic alerts

Network bandwidth management starts with knowing as and when the usage or application behavior deters from the considered normal condition. NetFlow Analyzer, a customizable bandwidth management solution, allows you to configure traffic usage alerts by volume, speed, and utilization to set normal conditions and immediately identify bandwidth bottlenecks. Proactive alerting techniques such as real-time, aggregated alerts notify you when the provided thresholds are violated within a specific period or frequency.

Netflow- larms
Capacity planning report

Traffic forecasting for your network

Mitigate the issues of unfruitful IT spending by analyzing traffic from top talkers and their utilization differences over time with capacity planning reports. Redefine your allocation strategy for the future by delegating the available resources for business-critical applications with the AI and ML capabilities of forecast reports. You can predict how the bandwidth utilization could vary, if optimization can make a difference or if your network needs upgrades.

What makes NetFlow Analyzer stand out as the best bandwidth management tool?

  • Multi-vendor and flow-based
  • Transparent pricing
  • Freemium
  • Third-party integrations and add-ons
  • Supports distributed monitoring

What's new

NetFlow Analyzer standard edition

Introducing NetFlow Analyzer's simpler and affordable version developed from the ground up for small and medium enterprises' basic bandwidth monitoring and traffic analysis requirements. Monitor interfaces, IP addresses, and applications for performance and optimize your network with minimal features.

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Pattern analysis

Automate and simplify network anomaly detection, configuring threshold values for critical performance monitors, and traffic management with NetFlow Analyzer's ML and AI based Pattern Analysis.

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Self monitoring

Automate routine health and performance checks to get notified via email and notifications whenever the device violates the thresholds.

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Customer reviews

A Powerful And Reliable Solution To Monitor And Analyze Our Network Traffic Effectively

- Research And Development Associate in the IT Services Industry

" NetFlow Analyzer boasts a rich set of features that align well with its intended purpose. The ability to collect, monitor, and analyze NetFlow, sFlow, J-Flow, and other flow data from various devices. The tools provide in-depth traffic analysis, top talkers, application protocols, and overall network performance helping identify bandwidth hogs and potential bottlenecks."

Invaluable Tool For Gaining Insights Into Our Network Traffic And Optimizing Performance

- SSM in the Software Industry

"Overall, Netflow Analyzer's real-time monitoring capabilities are a significant advantage. We receive instant notifications and alerts about unusual traffic patterns, bandwidth spikes, or network anomalies, enabling us to proactively address potential issues before they impact our network performance."

Valuable Solution For Our Organization With Complex And Data- Intensive Network

- Senior Quality Engineer in the IT Services Industry

"Overall, The tool best for real-time monitoring of network traffic to view bandwidth usage and network performance. Monitor traffic by protocol, allowing understanding of how different protocols are affecting the network. Source/Destination Analysis visibility into traffic patterns by source and destination IP addresses, aiding in identifying network congestion source."



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