NetFlow: The De Facto standard for Traffic Analytics

Summary: Enterprise networks are growing day by day. A few major concerns arise when the network grows rapidly and the dependence on the network increases. The network becomes the backbone of the Enterprise and is directly associated with the productivity of the organization in more than one way.

Productive usage is the first concern. The growing popularity of social media has aroused concerns about network being used for reasons other than business. This sometimes leads to unavailability of bandwidth for business-critical applications thereby impacting business in a largely negative way. The only way to minimize this unproductive and ineffective usage of precious network bandwidth is to constantly monitor the network traffic.

Network security is a major area of concern for the Enterprise at all levels. From top management to employees to customers, an unfortunate event of network security compromise would simply spell trouble. The effects of a network security lapse keeps haunting the Enterprise like a ghost leading to damaging morale, image, loss of money and resources. The consequences are simply far-reaching. This again could be ensured and insured to a certain extent by means of intensive traffic analytics.

Business continuity is another key aspect of modern day business. To ensure continuous availability of network and seamless connectivity, traffic analytics acts as an inevitable tool.

NetFlow, a proprietary technology from Cisco, offers immense scope to drilldown some vital metrics about the network that would give the network Administrator a host of advantages like better network visibility, easy and quick troubleshooting, better planning decisions, a hassle-free secure network and more.

To know the numerous ways this technology could assist in improving your network visibility, watch the video.

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