NetFlow Software

Bandwidth monitoring & traffic analytics

Bandwidth Monitoring, Traffic Analytics and Security Analytics


ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is an integrated solution for bandwidth monitoring, traffic analytics and network security analytics. In addition to generating traffic reports, you can validate SLAs and QoS, monitor rich-media traffic through Cisco Medianet media monitoring, WAAS reporting and much more.

Why NetFlow Analyzer?


Bandwidth Monitoring

Restore normal service of operation quickly with the comprehensive incident management in ServiceDesk Plus. Report incidents easily, configure SLA, setup automation & workflows for each category of Incidents and minimize business impact.


Traffic Analytics

Get valuable insights about your network with our traffic reports. Set up threshold-based alerts and keep an eye on your traffic levels. You could also export these reports in CSV and PDF formats for your reference.


Security Analytics

Keep away DoS attacks, scans probes etc. with vigilant monitoring. Our "Advanced Security Analytics Module" generates reports depicting the security snapshot of the network.

WAAS Reporting

Measure the effectiveness of WAAS on your network. Monitor, configure and centrally manage a WAE or a set of WAEs with WAAS reports from NetFlow Analyzer.


QoS Reporting

Always prioritize your business-critical applications with the help of CBQoS reports of NetFlow Analyzer. Make sure you have the right and effective QoS policies with these reports.


SLA Validation

Ensure top class service levels for voice, data and video with the help of IP SLA monitoring. Monitor critical parameters like jitter, latency, packet loss, MOS etc.

Capacity Planning and Billing

Plan in advance for the future using our Capacity Planning reports that enlighten you on bandwidth usage trends over a period of time. Enterprises ISPs can now easily generate bills based on speed/volume using the "Billing" module of NetFlow Analyzer.


Medianet Monitoring

Accelerate troubleshooting and cut associated costs in a media-rich environment. With the ever-increasing amount of video traffic in the network, medianet monitoring helps assuring a smooth network environment that can enhance user experience.

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