Campus Wide - Traffic Analysis

Campus Wide - Network Bandwidth Monitoring & Traffic Analysis

The changing educational setting :

The Educational Institutes today are at the crossroads of a massive technology sweep. Never before has imparting education been so technology intensive. Wi-Fi enabled campuses and Classrooms are the order of the day. More and more classrooms are going online - thanks to streaming video. No longer do the staff and student need to be present in the same place, not even at the same time.

Against this backdrop, the importance of having the WAN network up and running becomes critical. As a network administrator you have to ensure that your staff and students are able to access the resource( any URL/Podcast/webcast) at anytime they need - and in a way that the overall bandwidth consumption does not shoot through the roof, resulting in a total network fiasco. You need to have a means of being alerted upon any threshold violations, so that you don't end up monitoring the network activity all the time.

Also a tab on any unwarranted access to unnecessary/objectionable content can be easily had. This in a big way free-up your network for more vital activities. To Illustrate: Blocking all access to downloading music/video content off the web could result in a substantial bandwidth saving for someone wanting to access the online exam system/audio-video tutorials in the university intranet from a remote location.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer :

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer helps you do all the above and more at ease. With NetFlow Analyzer your campus network comes under your control - literally.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer has been succesfully deployed in various educational institutions of the world (universities, county colleges, private colleges etc). Visit our Customer List page to know a sample of institutions that have chosen to go with us.