I already have OpManager. Why do I need the NCM add-on?

OpManager helps you to monitor health, availability, and performance of all devices on your network. Using the NCM addon, you can manage configurations, take control of configuration changes, ensure compliance to government and industry regulations, and automate all repetitive and time-consuming NCCM (Network Change and Configuration Management) tasks. The powerful OpManager & NCM addon combination offers a complete network monitoring and management solution for your entire enterprise IT.

Where can I get an online demo to learn NCM for free?

To get a free online demo from our experts, click here.

Which devices are supported by the NCM add-on?

Click here to know about the devices supported by the NCM add-on.

How is the NCM add-on licensed?

OpManager's NCM add-on is licensed based on the number of network devices. You have the option of purchasing a license for the required number of supported devices. Check out our Pricing page for detailed pricing.

Is the NCM add-on a separate downloadable file and what is the prerequisite?

No. NCM add-on is not a separate downloadable file.

The only prerequisite is, you should have OpManager 8000 build or later (separate downloads for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit).

What installation platforms are supported?

For now, NCM add-on supports only Windows installation (.exe).

Does the NCM add-on needs a separate database?

NCM add-on uses the same MySQL instance of OpManager for storing the collected data. For MS SQL a separate DB is created to store the collected data.

I'm already an OpManager customer, how can I evaluate NCM add-on? Or I'm evaluating OpManager now, how can I get NCM add-on?

  1. Download OpManager's NCM add-on from the OpManager store.
  2. Shutdown OpManager Service.
  3. Double-click and install OpManager's EXE file.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  5. Start the OpManager service.

To start monitoring using NCM module, follow the steps below:

  1. Add the device in OpManager and then go to Settings > Basic Settings > System Settings and go to General tab.
  2. Select the Config Management (NCM) checkbox and click on 'Save'.

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Supported devices

NCM Add on - Network Configuration Management Solution

VendorDevice TypeSupported Model/Series
Cisco IOS Switch All models of Cisco IOS Switches
Cisco IOS Router All models of Cisco IOS Routers
Cisco Firewall All models of Cisco PIX firewalls & FWSM Modules
Cisco IAD All models of Cisco IAD Devices
Cisco Access Points All models of Cisco Aironet Access Points
Cisco CatOS Switch All models of Cisco CatOS Switches
Cisco Access Server All models of Cisco Access Server models
Cisco Content Switch All models of Cisco Content Switches
Cisco ASA All models of Cisco ASA SingleContext & Multiple Context Models
Cisco Voice Gateway Devices All models of Cisco Voice Gateway Devices
Cisco VPN Concentrators All models of Cisco VPN Concentrator Devices
Cisco WLAN Controller All models of Cisco WLAN Controller Devices
Cisco Cisco ACE Module All models of Cisco ACE Module
Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR) All models of Cisco ISR
Cisco MDS Switch All models of Cisco MDS Devices
HP Procurve Switch Switches & Menu based 4000M & 8000M models
HP Procurve AccessPoint All models of HP Procurve AccessPoints
Foundry Switch Foundry BigIron & FastIron Edge Switches
3Com Switch All models of 3Com menu based SuperStack switches
3Com Switch 4500 series
3Com Switch 4200G series
Fortinet Virtual Domain Firewall Virtual Domain Firewalls
Fortinet FortiGate Firewall All models of FortiGate firewalls & FortiMail devices
Juniper Netscreen Firewall All models of Netscreen Firewalls
Juniper M-Series Router All models of Juniper M-Series Routers
Juniper J-Series Router All models of Juniper J-Series Routers
Enterasys Switch All models of Enterasys Matrix N Series Switches
Enterasys Switch SecureStack C Series
Enterasys Switch Matrix E1 Gigabit Distribution Switch
Enterasys Switch Matrix E1 Workgroup Switch
Enterasys Switch X-Pedition 8600
Enterasys Switch X-Pedition ER16
ADTRAN LAN Switch All models of ADTRAN LAN Switches
ADTRAN Router NetVanta Router
Nortel Passport Switch All models of Nortel Passport 1600 Series, 8600 Series Switches
Nortel BayStack Switch All models of Nortel BayStack Switches and Commandline Mode Models
Nortel BayStack Business Policy Switch All models of Nortel BayStack Business Policy 2000 Series
Nortel Layer 2-3 GbE Switch Module All models of Nortel Layer 2-3 GbE Switch Module
Nortel Router Contivity VPN Router
Aruba WiFi Switch All models of Aruba WiFi Switches
Proxim Access Points All models of Proxim Access Points
Extreme Black Diamond Switch All models of Extreme Black Diamond Switches
Extreme Summit Switch All models of Extreme Summit switches running with Extremeware & ExtremewareXOS
Force10 Switch All models of Force10 E, S & C Series Switches
NETGEAR Switch Netgear Prosafe Switches
Dell Switch All models of Dell Power Connect Switches
SlimLine Appliance All models of SlimLine devices
DLink Switch

DES 3010, 3526, 3800, 3899. DXS 3250, 3259, 3326. DGS 3100, 3052 3600

Blue Coat Proxy SG All BlueCoat ProxySG devices
Huawei Router All models of Huawei AR Routers, Quidway 18XX Series
Alcatel Switch All models of Alcatel Omni Switches
Brocade Switch 200E
Radware Application Switch Radware Web Server Director Pro AS
ALAXALA Switch All models of ALAXALA Switch, including 1230, 2400 and 3600 models
MRV Lambda Driver   Wavelength Division Multiplexer
Avaya Avaya Media Gateway All odels
Checkpoint UTM-1  Edge X UTM-1  Edge X
Dax Dax DX-800 Series Router
Dax BTI – T5C- 24
Dax DX-5026MGV
Dax Dx 800 series router, Dax BTI – T5C- 24, Dax DX-5026MGV
H3C H3C devices All models of H3C devices
Yamaha RT and RTX series All models of Yamaha RT & RTX series
Vanguard Vanguard Router All models of Vanguard Routers
Allied Telesis Ethernet Switch AT-8824 version 2.7.3-08
Citrix Firewall NetScaler models
F5 Big-IP Big-IP Product Module
Hitachi Switch Apresia Switch
Mistletoe Appliance Slimline Appliance
Riverbed Appliance SteelHead
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