Network Configuration Manager

A network administrator was asked to investigate a week–old issue of high latency between the New York branch and the primary data center at San Francisco. Here’s how OpManager together with the NCM Add-on helped.

Step 1: The administrator first referred to the bandwidth utilization charts between these two branches and found that all is well.

Step 2: To make sure the issue is not at the ISP’s grid and to identify where the problem originated, the administrator referred to the hop graph provided by the WAN RTT monitor that leverages Cisco IP SLA.

Step 3: The hop graph showed high latency at the San Francisco gateway router. Referring to the router’s resources, the administrator identified increase in memory utilization of the gateway router.

Step 4: The administrator switches to the NCM dashboard of OpManager to check on the recent configuration changes on the problem router. He discovered that the router’s cache memory change was pushed to the router erroneously.

Step 5: A side by side comparison of past configuration changes and their effects on router resources helped the administrator corner the faulty configuration update that was causing delayed routing.

Reverting configuration setting in a single click from the NCM dashboard helped the administrator resolve this issue quickly.

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