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The Only Multi-vendor Log and Configuration Monitoring Software for Network Security Devices

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Firewall Analyzer


Firewall Analyzer is available in three editions to suit the needs of different industries/domains. The depth and level of features available in various editions are same. The Evaluation edition offers all the features available in the Premium Edition during the period of evaluation. The Premium edition offers value added features.

Features Professional Edition Distributed/
Premium Edition
Bandwidth Monitoring Available Available
Traffic Analysis Available Available
Firewall Rules and URLs Analysis Available Available
Attack and Virus Analysis Available Available
VPN and Security Events Analysis Available Available
Admin Reports for Compliance Available Available
Ad-Hoc Reports and Scheduling Available Available
Raw Log Search and Reporting Available Available
Basic and Anomaly Alerting with Thresholds Available Available
OpManager Integration Available Available
Dashboard Customization Available Available
Interface based Live Report Available Available
Export/Import of Alert and Report Profiles Available Available
Cisco ASA Netflow log support Available Available
IPFIX with Extensions Flow support for SonicWALL (SonicOS 5.8) devices Available Available
Encryption and Time stamping of archived logs Available Available
Scheduled import of logs from the Firewall Analyzer server machine locally Available Available
Virtual Firewall Support for Cisco, FortiGate & CheckPoint devices Available Available
Application Report for FortiGate, Check Point, SonicWALL, Palo Alto, and Blue Coat Firewalls Available Available
Geolocation Map View Bandwidth and Security Reports Available Available
VPN Active Connection Trend Reports Available Available
User based Views   Available
Live VPN Users   Available
Firewall Policy Overview Report   Available
Firewall Unused Rules   Available
Alert Administration   Available
Command Execution on Alerts   Available
Rebranding Web Client   Available
SMS and SNMP Trap Notification for Alerts   Available
User/ Hostname Vs IP Address mapping based on Proxy / DHCP logs   Available
Provision to create and apply Credential Profiles to fetch Firewall Rules/Policies/ACLs   Available
Security Audit and Configuration analysis of Firewall device   Available
External Authentication Support: Active Directory and RADIUS Server   Available
Change Management Report for Cisco, Netscreen and Fortigate devices with exclusion filter   Available
Dedicated Compliance section for device rule monitoring, configuration change monitoring, and security audit and analysis   Available
Diagnose/Analyze Firewall Connections   Available
MS SQL, MS SQL Cluster as back end database   Available