Displaying Message Box


For the computers in the network, the pop-up messages with the warning or error can be displayed during the system startup. If the system is already running while deploying this configuration, the message will be displayed during the system restart.

Step 1: Name the Configuration

Provide a name and description for the Message Boxes Configuration.

Step 2: Define Configuration

You have an  option to create a new message box or delete the existing message box. Select the required option and specify the following:

Parameter Description

Message Type

The message type as Information, Warning, or Error.

Window Title

The title of the message box.


The message that has to be displayed.

Timeout in Seconds

The duration, in seconds, for the message display.

Step 3: Define Target

Using  the Defining Targets procedure, define the targets for deploying the Message Boxes Configuration.

Step 4: Deploy Configuration

Click the Deploy button to deploy the defined Message Boxes Configuration in the targets defined. The message will be displayed during the next system startup.

To save the configuration as draft, click Save as Draft.

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