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Configuring Service Desk Plus

Desktop and MDM plug-in can be installed in the same computer where Service DeskPlus has been installed.  Desktop and MDM plug-in should be installed in the same computer where Service DeskPlus is running. Follow the steps mentioned below to install Desktop and MDM plug-in:

  1.  Double click to install the Desktop and MDM plug-in exe to start installation .

  2. Click Next in the installation shield

  3. Click Yes to accept the license agreement

  4. The storage will be located under ManageEngine > Service Desk by default.

  5. Click Next to continue or Browse to change the storage location.

  6. Specify the port number as 8020

  7. Click Next to complete installation. This will take a few minutes for the files get extracted.

  8.  Once the installation has completed, you can also enter your name and email address to register for technical assistance.

You can now see Desktop and MDM menu available in the Service DeskPlus window. All you need to do now is configure the Service DeskPlus settings. To configure the Service DeskPlus settings follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click Desktop Central menu on the Service DeskPlus

  2. Click Admin Settings and Choose General Settings

  3. Select Service DeskPlus Settings

  4. Server Name and Port Number will be pre filled

  5. Select the Communication type as HTTP or HTTPS

  6. Click and Generate Authentication Key. Refer to this, to  know about generating authentication key.

  7. Click to enable the features that you wanted to be integrated

  8. Click Save to save the changes.

Desktop Central and MDM plug-in is ready to be used.