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Integrating with AssetExplorer

AssetExplorer is ManageEngine's flagship product for complete lifecycle management of IT assets, and ManageEngine Desktop Central is a unified endpoint management solution for managing and securing endpoints such as desktops, laptops, mobile devices, tablets, servers, and point-of-sale devices from a single console. Desktop Central - AssetExplorer integration lets you:

  • Real-time IT asset management - be notified of every minute change in hardware/software inventory
  • Fetch granular asset details of all the computers and mobile devices in your network
  • Procure accurate and comprehensive IT asset information

Desktop Central is an agent-based solution, and therefore, integrating Desktop Central with AssetExplorer will yield accurate asset details periodically. Desktop Central will post the inventory details immediately to AssetExplorer in the following scenarios :

  • During every system startup
  • User logon
  • After every successful scan (manual & scheduled)
  • Whenever a new software application is installed/uninstalled

Steps to integrate

Follow the below-mentioned steps to integrate Desktop Central with AssetExplorer:

  1. Login to Desktop Central console, and navigate to Admin > Integrations > ServiceDesk Plus settings > choose AssetExplorer under ManageEngine products.
  2. Furnish the server name/ IP address/DNS name, and the port number.
  3. Select the communication type as HTTP or HTTPS.
  4. Select the desired features that you wish to enable using this integration, and click on Save to finish the integration.

You have successfully integrated Desktop Central with AssetExplorer.