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Viewing Software Details

Overview On Software Inventory

Software Inventory of Endpoint Central's asset management provides an exhaustive data on the software and it's properties. This helps IT admins plan their software management and budget requirements for the same.
To view the software inventory details, navigate to Inventory view and click the Software button, where you can find the following details:

  • Software Name: Name of the software.
  • Version: The version of the software.
  • Software Type: Can be either commercial or non-commercial. Use the Move To option to specify the software type.
  • Purchased: Number of copies purchased. This information has to be provided by clicking the Add / Modify License button or from Manage Software Licenses.
  • Installed: Number of copies installed.
  • Remaining: Number of licenses remaining.
  • Compliant Status: The license compliance status of the software. The status is arrived based on the details under Manage Licenses field.
  • Managed Installation: Refers to the number of installations that are being managed within your scope
  • Network Installation: Refers to the number of installations that are being managed by the application
  • Access Type: Can be either Allowed or Prohibited.
  • Vendor: The software vendor.
  • Licensed To: Refers to the person or the company to whom the software is licensed.
  • Purchased Date: Date of purchase of license.
  • License Expiry Date: Date of license expiry.
  • Remarks: Remarks, if any.

Adding License Details

  1. Navigate to the Manage License tab under Inventory view
  2. Click the Add License button
  3. Fill in the required details
  4. Click Add License.

Software Type and Access Type

  1. Software type is based on the installation source, It is either a Desktop App or store business. This information is fetched during inventory scan.
  2. Access type defines the rights for the usage of software, be it accessible or prohibited.

Specifying Software Category

  1. To add software to a category, navigate to Inventory > Manage Software Category.
  2. You can either create a new category or add software to any of the existing category.

Note: When you assign a software that was earlier assigned to a different category to a new category, it gets automatically disassociated from the previous category. This means that you cannot have the same software in two different categories simultaneously.

Uninstalling the Software

Administrators can use software inventory view to audit the list of software which are installed in the network. If the administrator wants to uninstall a specific software from a computer, then uninstallation can be invoked from the inventory view itself.

To unistall a software from Inventory View, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click Inventory tab
  2. Choose Software under Views
  3. Select the Software, which needs to be uninstalled and click "Uninstall" icon under Actions
  4. ​Silent uninstallation keys will be pre-filled only for existing MSI-based software packages. For EXE-based packages, enter the uninstallation keys manually. It is recommended to verify the silent uninstallation keys to ensure successful uninstallation.

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