Viewing Warranty Reports

Desktop Central automatically retrieves the warranty information of Dell, HP, Toshiba and Lenova computers and provides you the details of the computers whose warranty is about to expire or whose warranty has already expired, etc. While Dell, Toshiba and Lenova computers require no additional information other than their service tag, HP computers require the Product Number to retrieve the warranty information from the vendor. To specify the Product Number of HP computers, follow the steps below:

  1. Select Admin --> Add Custom Data for Computers
  2. Choose the HP computers from this list and click the edit link available beside it.
  3. Specify the Product Number of the computer in the respective field and save.

  1. Do not specify the Shipping and Expiry date yourself. Specifying this will stop automatic warranty check and all the warranty reports will be based on this expiry date you specify here.
  2. You can also import the product numbers in bulk using the Import from CSV option

For computers other than HP, Toshiba, Dell and Lenova, you can specify the shipping and expiry information manually here to get warranty information in reports.

Soon-to-expire Warranty

Provides you the details of the computers whose warranty is about to expire soon. You can filter the view to choose the Domain, Custom Group and expiry period.

Expired Warranty

Provides the list of computers whose warranty has already expired

Unidentified Computers

Computers whose warranty information could not be retrieved or for those whose expiry information has not been specified manually will be listed here.


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