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Viewing Warranty Reports

Understanding Warranty Reports

Warranty Reports share insights on the warranty status of the hardware. This report comes in hand when repairs and maintenance are to be carried out on managed hardware. With proper warranty management system, IT admins can help budget team to cut down unncessary cost spent here. Endpoint Central automatically retrieves the warranty information of Dell, Toshiba and Lenovo computers. It provides details in a fashion where admins can perceive hardware's warranty which is about to expire/expired. These informations are fetched automatically from the managed computers. However, if you wish to add these details manually, you can update those information. Follow the steps below to manually update the warranty details::

  1. Navigate to Admin ->Global Settings ->Add Custom Data for Computers
  2. Choose the computer to which you wanted to manually add the warranty details
  3. Click Bulk Update, to update the warranty details manually. However, remember that adding warranty details manually will stop automatic retrieval of warranty details. You can also import the product numbers in bulk using the Import from CSV option
  4. Click Save.

Soon-to-expire Warranty

This report lists the computers whose warranty is about to expire. You can filter the view to choose the Domain, Custom Group and expiry period.

Expired Warranty

This report lists the computers whose warranty has expired.

Unidentified Computers

Computers whose warranty information could not be retrieved or for those whose expiry information has not been specified manually will be listed here.

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