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Global HTTP Proxy

Global HTTP Proxy can be configured to ensure that all the HTTP network traffic is passed only through the proxy. This ensures data security since all the personal and corporate data is filtered through the Global HTTP proxy.

When the Global HTTP Proxy server is internal to the organization/private network, any device outside the corporate cannot reach the proxy server and no communication is possible between the device and a network. Hence a device outside the organization, cannot be managed by Endpoint Central as no communication is possible between the device and the Endpoint Central Server. For the device to be managed at all times, ensure the proxy server is in the edge/public network.

Configuration Description

Configuration Specification Description
Global HTTP Proxy Settings
Proxy Settings You can define the Proxy settings to be manual or automatic.
Server For manual proxy settings, specify the server name/IP address and for automatic proxy settings, specify the PAC file URL.
Port Port numbers which needs to be opened can be specified here.
User Name Specify the  'User Name' for the proxy
Password Specify the proxy password