Exchange Reporter Plus Business Benefits

Exchange Reporter Plus - the comprehensive MS Exchange Reporting tool with an exhaustive set of reports - has a plethora of business benefits. It will not be an exaggeration to say that almost every organization today depends on the Active Directory infrastructure and MS Exchange Server for all emails and collaborative communication. With Exchange being the nerve-center of all the communication activities in the organization, Exchange Server needs to be optimized for space and performance, and above all this, needs to be secured from every possible email-bound threat that might cause irreparable damage to the organization. Given below is a list of business benefits from deploying ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus!

Space and Resource Optimization

Mailboxes and Public Folders are an Exchange Server's warehouses of valued data. It is of utmost importance to use this resource judiciously.

Using Exchange Reporter Plus's Mailbox Content reports and Public Folders report, an Exchange administrator can get a clear picture to the precision of the particular file that's eating up the Server space in the Exchange Server.

In addition to this 'actual' space optimization, the administrator can also perform 'smart' space optimization by using Exchange Reporter Plus's reports that report on file extensions. This report can be useful in eliminating all the unnecessary rich-media files that clog the MS Exchange Server. Thus these reports help in planning the future capacity and maintaining the current space.

Exchange Reporter Plus not only works with mailbox storage but with mailbox traffic also. The Mailbox Traffic reports, the Distribution List traffic reports and the Outlook Web Access reports help in vital Exchange Server tasks like load balancing, Exchange traffic analysis and email message tracking. The 'Inactive Mailboxes by last sent email' can also help an administrator to closely track and delete mailboxes gathering cobwebs!

Security and Vigilance

There's nothing more needed to secure an Exchange Server and keep vigil over all activities in the MS Exchange Environment than an Exchange Reporting tool that sheds light on every nook and corner of the entire Exchange infrastructure. Exchange Reporter Plus's reports that probe the elements of MS Exchange to the minutest detail, makes an ideal tool for Exchange Server Security and Vigilance!

The in-depth reporting on the Exchange Mailbox content, especially on the file extensions, makes it easy for an administrator to monitor all the content of the mailbox users' emails, and hold at bay, any thing that might not be in the best interest of the organization. It is almost impossible for email attachments to bypass the strict vigilance of Exchange Reporter Plus.

It will now be obvious that Exchange Reporter Plus's reports are not mere consolidations of data. On contrary, they are actionable reports that have a business-significance! Exchange Reporter Plus not only helps you manage and secure MS Exchange and the Active Directory mailboxes, but also your entire organization's business!!