Exchange Mailbox Content Reports

The word 'mailbox' is so synonymous with MS Exchange Server, that any Exchange Administrator who looks for a comprehensive Exchange reporting tool will invariably expect in-depth reporting on Active Directory Mailboxes, their traffic, size and other properties.

Exchange Reporter Plus offers Mailbox Content Reports that helps an administrator ward-off any mail-bound threats and thereby functions as a complete mailbox monitoring tool.

The available mailbox content reports can be generated, filtered and monitored based on:

Folder message count and size:

  Report on Folder message count and size

This report, as the name suggests, gives data on the number of messages and the used space in every Exchange mailbox in the organization, one mailbox at a time. This report comes handy to get a quick overview of the Exchange Mailbox folders, including the path of the Exchange folder. This report provides preliminary information to assist further troubleshooting in the Exchange environment.

Message count and size summary:

Message count and size summary

View a summary of the size and count of current, as well as backdated, messages, based not just on mailboxes, but also servers, databases, months, and years. This report includes details on historical messages from up to a year ag .

Messages by subject keyword:

  Messages by subject keyword

This Exchange Mailbox report reports on the subject of the exchange emails, scanning them for a particular keyword in the subject line. This report will be useful to isolate spam, as most spam emails have similar themes like lottery or marketing. Once the specific email subjects are know, necessary action can be taken by the Exchange Administrator to keep such emails away from inflicting any damage to the organization's Exchange infrastructure.

Messages by body keyword:

  Messages by body keyword

This report is very similar to the 'Message by Subject Keyword' with the only difference being that this report scans the body of the email than the subject. This mailbox report takes spam-fighting one level deeper. This report can help in keeping mailboxes clean by avoiding the spam mails.

Monitoring email attachments

Email communication was a lot safer when emails were just confined to texts. Gone are those days, and now, emails have become digital freight-carries, supporting attachments of various kinds. With this great advantage came great risks - malicious attachments could easily get through to your computer and go to the extent of devastating your entire network.

To take email security to the next level, Exchange Reporter Plus also tracks attachments that come with every email.

Attachments by file name keyword:

Attachments by file name keyword

This mailbox content report reports on the attached file name. This report can function like a mini-mailbox-anti-virus. If the file name of the malicious file is known, this report can be used to isolate such files and the necessary action can be taken by the Exchange Administrator to ward of email bound threats.

Attachments by file extension keyword:

Attachments by file extension keyword

Be it securing the MS Exchange Server, or optimizing the space of the mailbox, there can't be indicators more obvious than file extensions, that can help an Exchange administrator achieve this. The Attachments by File Extension Keyword reports display the file extensions of attachments. This report sorts mailbox content based on format of the attachment files and is extremely useful in isolating installation files that are possible carriers of malicious software (.exe files) and media files that take up a lot of space in the Exchange Mailbox server (.mp3 and .avi files).

Attachments by file size:

Attachments by file size report

This report reports on the attachments and the size of each attachment. A quick view of the report helps an administrator to pin-point the files that may be consuming space on the Exchange mailbox servers.

Exchange Reporter Plus's mailbox content reports coupled with the Exchange Mailbox Properties Report and Exchange Mailbox Traffic Report, makes Exchange Reporter Plus, a wholesome Exchange mailbox monitoring and reporting tool. The Administrator no longer has to run query scripts of PowerShell to retrieve mailbox contents. Exchange servers 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016; and even can be exported in csv, xls, pdf or html formats.

Some other benefits of Exchange Reporter Plus - Exchange Reporting Tool

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