Exchange Mailbox Traffic Reports

Exchange Reporter Plus's Mailbox traffic reports offer a clear insight on the mailbox traffic both by numbers and size. It equips an Exchange administrator with the information needed to keep a tab on the mailing activities of exchange mailbox users and track their email message traffic.

Since it's every Exchange administrator's need to keep a vigilant eye on every activity that influences mailbox traffic, and these reports present a useful tool to track and analyse mailbox traffic in such cases. Exchange Reporter Plus's mailbox traffic reports are presented either as bar-graphs or as relative-growth-charts with the data consolidated from the traffic logs across servers 2003, 2007 or 2010.

Exchange Reporter Plus's houses four mailbox traffic reports:

  • Number of Messages by Sender
  • Size of Messages by Sender
  • Number of Messages by Recipient
  • Size of Messages by Recipient

These reports provide vigilance on mailbox traffic in either end of Exchange email communication. This enables an administrator to not only find out users sending emails but also users attracting emails. These traffic reports get granular in the following aspects:

  • Source of the email traffic: Each report separates intra-domain mailbox traffic from inter-domain mailbox traffic, which is a useful signal for the administrator to keep a check on communication with external domains.
  • Hourly and Daily Report: You can view all the reports on a hourly basis which will come in handy to analyze mailbox traffic trends.

These reports can help arrive at actual business solutions. A couple of cases are discussed below:

Case 1 - Optimizing Server-Space for emails:

There might be instances where, even in normal circumstances, one server might be handling considerably more load than the other. In such cases, data gathered from mailbox traffic reports can be of assistance in balancing server loads and enabling a smoother operation of the Exchange environment. This can be helpful in monitoring the Exchange server performance and planning the future capacity.

Case 2 - Protection Against Spamming Activity in the Servers:

An abnormally-high mailing activity either originating from or directed at a particular Exchange-user's mailbox is a clear sign of some malicious activity. While in rare cases this might be intentional, it is mostly a malware that works behind these anomalies. Using the data gathered from Exchange mailbox traffic reports of Exchange Reporter Plus, an exchange administrator can get alerted at the right time and take the needed action.

Like all other reports of Exchange Reporter Plus, this report can be customized with respect to the time frame and the columns to be displayed...and they can also be exported to standard formats like pdf, html and csv.

Mailbox traffic reports, presents an Exchange administrator with comprehensive and granular data. These reports, when coupled with Mailbox Content Reports, equip an administrator with the information needed to maintain an efficient Exchange environment, in terms of both space and traffic.

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