Exchange ActiveSync Reports

Exchange Reporter Plus offers ActiveSync reports that will help you get down to the specifics of ActiveSync usage in your organization including device details, sync request details, device count etc. Stop pouring over PowerShell scripts endlessly. Instead fetch ActiveSync information in just a click using these reports.

Activesync Reports Diagram

These reports are the need of the hour because, the advent of BYOD has led to a massive increase in the number of ActiveSync enabled mobile devices in many organizations. Managing the growing fleet of mobile devices has become a tough task for the Administrator and the IT team alike. With our ActiveSync reports you will be armed with enough knowledge to manage the horde of ActiveSync devices in your organization.​


ActiveSync Request Reports

These reports consolidate sync requests coming from all the ActiveSync devices and present the stats in a convenient User Interface.

ActiveSync General Reports

These reports are aimed at giving you a wholesome understanding of policies concerning ActiveSync in your Exchange environment.​