Integrate Active Directory(AD)


In any organization, AD plays an important role thanks to its extensive capabilities including but not restricted to user management, identity management, authentication etc., Integrating AD with MDM, lets MDM leverage these capabilities, to further device management. You need to use an Azure account, with global administrator privileges, to integrate Azure AD with MDM Cloud.

Advantages of AD Integration

If you integrate your AD with MDM, you can have the AD user details imported to MDM, as explained here.

Setting up Azure AD in MDM

You need to follow the steps below to integrate your Azure AD with MDM:

Permissions required by MDM

Here are the list of permissions required by MDM for integrating Azure AD:

Verifying the added domain

Domain verification is a vital step, to ensure the Azure domain added is a valid yet to expire domain and you have the requisite previlege to use the AD domain. In certain cases, your organization maybe using a different domains for different purposes(E-mail, Azure) and you would have verified the other domains. In such cases, you need to additionally verify the Azure domain. There are three methods to achieve the same, as listed below:

To add and verify the domain, follow the steps given below:

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