Conditional Exchange Access


Conditional Exchange Access (CEA) or Exchange Conditional Access policy lets you monitor the devices accessing your Exchange server. This is ideal for a BYOD environment as it ensures that corporate data is accessed only from an MDM authorized device. It makes MDM the single point of control for monitoring devices, as any access restriction set up using this feature overrides the access specifications provided in the Exchange server. Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP also supports Exchange Server 2019.

Points to be Noted

Platform Native e-mail app Gmail app Outlook/third-party app
Samsung 8.0 and above
Below 8.0

In case the account to be used for setting up Conditional Exchange Access has multi-factor authentication enabled, you need to provide an app-specific password instead of your usual password when initiating Exchange server sync with MDM. You can know more about app-specific passcodes here.

Info Message This feature is available in Professional, Free, and Trial editions of MDM.

Pre-requisites for configuring Conditional Exchange Access

Ensure the following pre-requisites are met before configuring Conditional Exchange Access.

Exchange on-premises

Additionally, ensure the following pre-requisites are met before configuring Conditional Exchange Access on Exchange on-premises

Exchange Online

For enabling Conditional Exchange Access on Exchange Online, Microsoft has recommended organizations to upgrade to the latest Exchange Online Powershell V2 module (EXO V2 module). This contains a new list of commandlets that simplify bulk import of data from Exchange Online.

Follow any of the steps given below to upgrade to EXO V2 module: