Automate OS Updates


Updating OS present in corporate devices, is one of the paramount tasks for an IT admin. There are a lot of disadvantages with running an outdated OS version, as listed below:

However, if the users update the devices OS, it leads to another set of pitfalls:

The solution is to schedule and automate OS updates. MDM supports automating OS updates for iOS, Android and Chrome OS.

This feature is available in Professional, Free, and Trial editions of MDM.


OS Update Scenarios

An OS update policy ensures the updates happen constantly at a periodic interval. This ideally

Configure OS update policy

In case of iOS, you can choose to delay the OS update, while in case of Android, you can choose to configure the date/time, notification settings etc.,

iOS Update Policy

To configure iOS update policy, follow the steps below:

Android Update Policy

To configure Android update policy, follow the steps below:

Chrome OS Update Policy

To configure Chrome OS update policy, follow the steps below:

Custom Firmware Update Policy

To configure Custom Firmware update policy, follow the steps below:

To update the firmare in Honeywell devices, refer Honeywell documentation.

If the OS update fails, MDM will automatically retry during the next few hours. If it still fails, MDM will try updating every single day, until the next schedule. To initiate update instantly, re-distribute the policy again. Further, in case of Android devices the OS update gets downloaded irrespective of whether the devices are connected to Wi-Fi or Cellular Data. The actual OS update is carried out as per the OS update policy applied to the devices using MDM.

Points to remember