With Chromebooks evolving to become a part of the corporare workforce, it has become necessary to mandate certain device functionality, to ensure data privacy as well as improved productivity. Restrictions lets you achieve this by enabling/disabling certain Chromebook features, pertaining to the needs of the organization.

Profile Description

Profile Settings


Guest Mode

Allow/Restrict users from signing in as a guest through Guest Mode.

Ephemeral Mode

Allow/Restrict erasing of all local user information and associated settings every time a user signs out, using Ephemeral Mode.

Forced Re-enrollment

If enabled, this prevents users from revoking MDM MSP management even if the device is wiped.

Redirect to SAML

Allow/Restrict direct entry to SAML SSO IdP page, for the users.

Tranfer SAML cookies

Allow/Restrict transfer of cookies(set by a SAML IdP) to users' profiles. If enabled, cookies are transferred during every SAML-authenticated user login.

User(s) allowed to sign in

Specify the list of users, allowed to sign in and use the managed device.

Auto-complete domain name when logging in

Specify the list of users, allowed to sign in and use the managed device.



Specify if you want to manually specify the timezone or have it detected automatically.

Select Timezone

Specify the timezone manually or specify settings for automatic selection.

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