Privacy and Security

With MDM MSP handling a lot of confidential data(most of which are user-identifiable), data security and privacy are of paramount importance. MDM MSP not only lets you secure the data on the server, it also ensure sdata privacy both on the device and the server. This ensures the security of the data stored on/shared with the server, while also letting the user know the list of data parameters which the MDM MSP has access to and the purpose for the same. In addition, MDM MSP also lets you share the data privacy/security policy of the organization with the user and ensure complete management only after the user has viewed and agreed to the policy, thus obtaining implicit consent for management. In MDM MSP, you can configure:

Export Settings

One of the primary concerns pertaining to data privacy is when it gets exported from the MDM MSP server. Export Settings ensures you can define privacy settings for exporting PII in the form of data export or in the form of reports. Export settings lets you:

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