Architecture for Android Devices.

Before we setup Mobile Device Management, let us first understand the architecture behind managing mobile devices over-the-air (OTA). The diagram below depicts the MDM MSP Architecture of  Mobile Device Manager Plus.

All Communications from Mobile Device Manager Plusto the managed android devices will be routed through Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM).   A live TCP connection is maintained for intermediate service.  FCM acts an intermediate wake up service to wake up the device whenever an action is triggered to be performed  from the Mobile Device Manager Plus. Managed mobile device communicates with Mobile Device Manager Plusto receive the instructions and report back the status and data.

For the above setup to work, the following ports need to be configured.

Ports Details

Ports that needs to be opened at Mobile Device Manager PlusServer

  1. 9383 - Used for secured communication between the agent and the Mobile Device Manager Plus

    If you are using Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP as a plug in to Desktop Central, then you will have to open the ports 8020/8383 for the communication.

Ports that needs to be opened for managing Android devices

  1. 443 - Used for secured communication between the Mobile Device Manager Plus server and the FCM server.

  2. Port numbers 5228, 5229, 5230 should be open on the fire wall, If the mobile device connects to the internet through WiFi. This enables communication between the mobile devices and the FCM.

 It is recommended to configure your Proxy settings, NAT settings and the mail server settings, which would useful for various operations while managing the mobile device.

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