Integrating Asset Data


Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP periodically scans the devices in your network and collects all the asset information like device, network and location details. This updated data can then be synced with ServiceDesk Plus upon integration.


Before the asset data can be integrated with ServiceDesk Plus, ensure the following:

  1. The build numbers conform to the details given below:
  2. Both MDM and SDP are running in your network.
  3. All the mobile devices in your network are being managed by MDM.

Integrating MDM with SDP to sync asset data

Follow the steps given below to integrate MDM and SDP:

  1. Click Admin tab on MDM web console.
  2. Under Integrations Settings, select ServiceDesk Plus settings.
  3. Enable ServiceDesk Plus Integration checkbox.
  4. Under ServiceDesk Plus server details specify the following details.
  5. Specify the settings to post details on the asset data:
  6. Paste the API key generated from the SDP portal here, if any action is to performed when a device is removed from MDM and if devices are chosen for auto assignment.
  7. Click Save.

NOTE: If you have chosen HTTPS as the communication mode, restart your computer for the changes to reflect.

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