Integrating Asset Explorer with MDM


ManageEngine Asset Explorer, is an asset management solution from the stables of ManageEngine. This integration lets you share the high level asset data of devices for granular asset management in your organization.This is applicable for MDM On-Premises.

Sharing asset data with Asset Explorer

With the granular asset management present in Asset Explorer used for managing all the assets(such as routers, switches etc.,) in an organization, sharing the high level asset data of the devices managed using MDM, makes it easier to view all asset details from a central location. This data gets periodically shared with Asset Explorer giving the IT admins with better actionable insights, all from the convenience of the same portal used for managing other assets.

Integration Procedure

Integrating MDM with Asset Explorer is quick and simple, whereby you can have the integration setup and working in a few minutes. Before the integration, ensure the pre-requisites are fulfilled.


Initiating integration in MDM server

You need to initiate the integration from the MDM server as explained below:

Modifying Integration Settings

There are certain scenarios where you might need to change the integration settings. Requirements such as modifying the server details in case of permanent server relocation are all too common. MDM allows modifying specific settings without affecting the integration as a whole. Follow the steps given below to modify the settings:

Removing Asset Explorer integration

You can also to remove the Asset Explorer integration, ensuring there is no further asset data shared to Asset Explorer. However, the previously synced data can still be accessed by Asset Explorer and must be removed manually, if need be. To remove the integration, follow the steps below:

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