Integrating Zoho Creator with MDM


Zoho Creator, from the stables of Zoho, is an application used for creating web apps irrespective of your technical expertise. With more and more organizations moving to a mobile-first workforce, Zoho Creator also lets you convert these web apps into mobile with just a click. But distributing these apps becomes a problem, especially in case of large scale organizations. This integration ensures distribution of apps developed via Zoho Creator, can be easily and efficiently distributed. You can distribute apps for both Android and iOS. This is supported only for MDM Cloud.

Integration Procedure

To integrate Zoho Creator with MDM, follow the below steps:

Removing Zoho Creator integration

You can remove the Zoho Creator integration, by following the steps below:

Both the users as well as the app distributed are added to the enrollment view and App Repository respectively. However, to view the same on the MDM server only the Super Admin present in the organization is given privileges. In order to allow other technicians, you need to purchase adequate licenses. These users and devices(which get automatically added as a personal device) support all the MDM functionalities.

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