Android Remote Control


As administrators, one of the most common tasks is to identify and fix issues on the managed devices. This becomes onerous when the administrators cannot do it real-time on their own and have to troubleshoot issues with the help of the device user, as the device is usually with the user.

MDM resolves this using Remote Control which lets you fix issues remotely in real-time effortlessly. Samsung devices can be controlled over-the-air, which facilitates seamless troubleshooting of managed devices. The other major advantage is that, remote control requires no additional app to be installed on the device and is supported for Android devices running 5.0 or later versions.


If the Zoho account has Two-Factor Authentication(TFA) enabled, then generate an App-Specific password as explained here. This app-specific password is to be used for configuring Remote Control.

Configuring Remote Control

Once you have signed in, the configuration is complete. You can now remotely control the managed devices.

Remote Troubleshoot managed devices

The following steps explain how to view the device screen and remote troubleshoot over-the-air:

Once the user accepts the request, the device screen is displayed and the issues can then be fixed remotely. You can control them in case of Samsung devices.
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