Deploying Software Applications

You can integrate the Software Deployment feature in Desktop Central with ServiceDesk Plus. This allows you to create or use existing packages in the Desktop Central server to deploy software applications. The ServiceDesk Plus server and the Desktop Central server are synchronized automatically.


Before you integrate details about assets with ServiceDesk Plus, you must complete the following tasks:

  1. Ensure that the build numbers conform to the details given below:
    1. Desktop Central: Professional Edition, Build number 70133 or later versions
    2. ServiceDesk Plus: Enterprise Edition, version number 8.0 or later versions
  2. Run both Desktop Central and ServiceDesk Plus in your network

  3. Manage all the computers in your network using Desktop Central

    Enabling Software Deployment from ServiceDesk Plus

  4. To enable software deployment from ServiceDesk Plus, follow the steps given below:

    1. Click the Admin tab
    2. In the Global Settings section, click ServiceDesk Plus Settings
    3. In the ServiceDesk Plus Settings section, check the Enable ServiceDesk Plus Integration checkbox
    4. In the Service Desk Server Plus Details section, specify the following details about the ServiceDesk Plus Server:
        1. IP address/DNS name
        2. Port number
        3. Required communication protocol
    1. In the Features to Integrate section,  select Software Deployment checkbox
    2. Generate and authentication key and provide it here.
    3. Click Save

If you select HTTPS mode of communication, Select the Product Type :If you are using an standalone installation of ServiceDesk Plus product, select the ServiceDesk Plus option.  If you wish to integrate with the ServiceDesk module within IT360 product, select IT360 option.

you must provide the SSL certificate of ServiceDesk Plus.  copy the file "sdp.keystore" located in <ServiceDesk Plus Installation Home>/server/default/conf directory to your local computer and Browse to select this file here.
If you are using IT360 product with HTTPS communication enabled, copy the file "it360.keystore" located in <IT360 Installation Home>/servicedesk/server/default/conf directory to your local  computer and Browse to select this file here.  
If you are using a third-party SSL certificate, like GoDaddy, you need to provide the keystore file that you have generated.

If you are using a third-party SSL certificate, you must also provide information regarding the alias name you provided when generating the keystore file and the password for the keystore.

Checking the third party SSL keystore alias name and password

Ensure that the keystore alias name and the keystore file password are correct when using a third-party SSL certificate in your ServiceDesk Plus installation.

Determining the password required to access the keystore file

To determine the password required to access the keystore file, follow the steps given below:

  1. Navigate to the server.xml file. The path is<ServiceDesk_Home>\server\default\deploy\jbossweb-tomcat50.sar
  2. Determine the value of the parameter keystorepass

You have determined the password required to access the keystore file. You can use this password to determine the alias name of the keystore.

Determining the alias name of the keystore file

To determine the alias name of the keystore file, follow the steps given below:

  1. Using the command prompt, navigate to <ServiceDesk_Home>\jre\bin
  2. Execute keytool -list -v -keystore <ServiceDesk_Home>\server\default\conf\sdp.keystore -storepass <ServiceDesk KeyStore File Password>

You will find the alias name of the keystore file here.

Note : If you are using a PFX Certificate File, then Specify the "asc" as ServiceDesk Keystore Alias Name
    1. Configure Desktop Central Settings in ServiceDesk Plus:
      • Click Admin --> Desktop Central Server Settings
      • Specify the details of the Desktop Central installation like Server Name/IP, Port and the communication details.
      • Click Save
    2. Enable the option to display the install or uninstall software applications option in the Actions menu option in ServiceDesk Plus. You can enable this option in the Service Catalog in the Help Desk section in ServiceDesk Plus.


See also: Integrating ServiceDesk Plus with Desktop Central, Generating an Authentication Key
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