Logging Help Desk Requests as Tickets

Desktop Central enables you to contact their support team by logging help desk requests. This feature can be integrated with ServiceDesk Plus. Integrating this feature with ServiceDesk Plus enables you to log helpdesk-related requests in ServiceDesk Plus as tickets using Desktop Central.

You can also use predefined templates available in the Tickets tab to send requests. These templates comprise of predefined messages. You can modify the subject and content of these messages as required and send the tickets as requests using the tray icon of Desktop Central. You can also add tickets if required.


The benefits include the following:

  1. Submit requests without logging in

  2. Send requests using predefined templates and can even attach screenshots automatically.

  3. Use customizable subject lines to configure the HelpDesk application and enable automatic assignment of tickets

  4. Configure settings in Desktop Central to log the following asset-related alerts as tickets in ServiceDesk Plus. These include alerts related to:

    1. Recently added hardware

    2. Commercial software applications that have recently been installed or uninstalled

    3. Prohibited software applications that have recently been installed

    4. Software compliance issues related to expired licenses or under licensed software applications


Before you begin logging helpdesk-related requests as tickets or sending them using e-mail, you must ensure the following:

  1. Ensure that the build numbers conform to the details given below:

    1. Desktop Central: Professional Edition, Build number 70133 or later versions

    1. ServiceDesk Plus: Version 8.0 or later versions

  2. Desktop Central server and ServiceDesk Plus server should be reachable in your network

  3. Manage all the computers in your network using Desktop Central

Logging Help Desk Requests & Alerts as Tickets in ServiceDesk Plus

To log help desk requests and alerts from Desktop Central as tickets in ServiceDesk Plus, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the Admin tab

  2. In the Integration Settings section, click ServiceDesk Plus Settings

  3. In the ServiceDesk Plus Settings section, check the Enable ServiceDesk Plus Integration checkbox

  4. In the Service Desk Server Plus Details section, specify the following details about the ServiceDesk Plus Server:

    1. IP address/DNS name

    2. Port number

    3. Required communication protocol

  1. In the Features to Integrate section,  select Log Help Desk Requests as Tickets checkbox

  2. Click Save

If you have chosen the communication protocol as HTTPS, restart your computer for the changes to reflect.


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