Migrating Desktop Central Server

Migrating Desktop Central refers to moving the existing installation from one computer to another without losing the data and configuration. There may be may situations where you would need to migrate, like:

  1. You have been evaluating the product in some test computer and you would like to move this to a dedicated computer or server after you have decided to purchase it.

  2. The disk space is running low and you wish to move this to a different computer.

  3. You are upgrading the hardware.

The following are the sequence of operations that have to be performed when migrating Desktop Central Server:

  1. Copy the installation directory from the existing installation to the new set up

  2. Register the Service in the new set up

  3. Change the IP Address and DNS name of the Server in all the agents. This is not required if there is no change in IP Address and DNS name.

  4. If you are running database server separately, you should configure it to accept connections from the new IP Address.

For step 3 above, you will provide the details of the new installation in the user interface here.  For a step-by-step instructions on migrating the installation, refer to this How To document in our website.


  1. It is recommended that you provide the details of the new server in the user interface after you have started the server in the new installation. This is to ensure that agents will be able to contact the new server after picking up the information.

  2. You should be running the Desktop Central Server in both the installations till all the agents start reporting to the new server

  3. The database server, if running remotely, should be configured to accept connections from the new IP Address.


  1. You should not download and install the latest executable from our website and just replace the database files. You should copy the entire installation from the old and move it to new.

  2. You should not provide the details of the new server in the user interface, if you have not copied the installation and started. This is because that the agents will not be communicating with the server at the old installation once it picks up this information. If you do not have the Desktop Central server running at the IP Address specified here, the computers cannot be managed.

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