Prerequisites for Sharing Computers Remotely

You can access computers of remote computers, in a Local Area Network (LAN) or in a Wide Area Network (WAN), to complete various tasks. Desktop Central supports remote desktop sharing for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Ensure that the following prerequisites are met before you access computers remotely:

  1. Configure Browser Settings

    1. Configuring Mozilla Firefox or Flock to Install Desktop Central Add-ons

    2. Installing Java Plug-ins in Browsers

  2. Ports that need to be open

  3. Configuring Remote Control for Mac

Configuring Browser Settings

You are required to configure certain controls in your browser before connecting remotely to a computer. For example, if you are using an ActiveX viewer, in Mozilla Firefox, to view the remote computer, you must install Java Plug-ins in the browser you are using.

  • Ensure that you configure controls only in the browser from where a remote connection is being established.

  • HTML 5 Viewer is supported on the following versions of the browser: Edge (all versions), Internet Explorer 10 and later versions,  Firefox 38 and later versions, Google Chrome 31 and later versions and Safari 8 and later versions.


Ports that need to be open

The following TCP ports should be open on the Desktop Central server to establish connection with a remote computer:

Enabling the UDP port 8443 will let your viewer directly control your remote agent. However, an initial handshake will happen via Desktop Central server. Know more on different communication modes here.

Ensure that the above mentioned ports are opened on the Desktop Central server , and the ports are reachable from the Desktop Central agent as well as the viewer machine.

Configuring Remote Control for Mac

If you wanted to establish connection with a Mac computer, which runs Mac OS X version 10.10 (Yosemite) or above, then  You will have to download and  install Apple jre from here: This is also available under software templates, on the Desktop Central web console : Java for OS X 2015-001

Ensure that the Non SSL RDS Port is reachable from the Desktop Central agent, even if you have chosen to use Secured connection.

You can now configure the settings required for establishing remote connection.

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