ME Integration

OpManager is a complete network monitoring software that lets you set alerts and be notified when a WAN link is experiencing problems.

With OpManager and NetFlow Analyzer working together, WAN monitoring becomes a lot more efficient. IT administrators can now define alerts to trigger off when link utilization crosses a certain threshold, or when any abnormal activity is detected on the WAN. Email and SMS notifications ensure that IT teams are aware of WAN problems immediately.

The OpManager - NetFlow Analyzer Edge

Feature Benefit
Email and SMS notifications based on threshold violation for abnormal WAN interface activity Get notified instantly when a WAN link goes down, or there is a sudden surge of traffic
Direct drill down from interface details in OpManager, to traffic reports in NetFlow Analyzer Monitor bandwidth usage in the context of the entire network
NetFlow Analyzer toolbar in OpManager, with links to Top Applications, Top Sources, Top Destinations, and Top Conversations Manage performance of networks, systems, and WAN links from a single, integrated console
OpManager Console
I already have NetFlow Analyzer. Why do I need OpManager?

OpManager is a complete network monitoring software. While NetFlow Analyzer helps you analyze traffic and track bandwidth usage, OpManager helps you monitor the health, availability, and performance of all devices on your network. Hence this powerful combination offers a total network monitoring solution for your enterprise.

How can I integrate OpManager and NetFlow Analyzer?

Download the latest versions of OpManager and NetFlow Analyzer. Then follow the steps in this Integration Guide to get them to work together.